Does this happen to you?

Discussion created by synergy46 on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2013 by ColinKeefe

Well, it just happened again.


I struggle with a 'non working' part of my app. I try everything I can think of and it still does not work.... grrrr. After hours of trying everything that should and should not work, I log into this forum, describe the problem, upload the screen captures and then, right before I hit the POST button... wham.... I get an epiphony. I then jump back to the app and sure enough, my 'new' solution works.


This happens repeatedly with me so I engage in the same process that I use to put the problem on the forum without going to the forum but I don't seem to get the 'epiphony'.


So, fellow posters, "Does this happen to you? If so, how often?"


Just wondering