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    filemaker 13 drop field swipe


      Just down loaded filemaker 13. Created a layout used the drop field to add to swipe box and the fields are populated in each of the boxes. When I delete the field on one box, they are deleted in all boxes. Tried it the old way of klicking the button to add the field and it works! It was driving me crazy. How can I justify $300.00 upgrade when its not ready for prime time.

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          Might be a bit of driver error there.

          Can you explain mor eclearly what you are doing and which bit of behaviour is not as expected?

          I think you will find most people will  be disagreeing with the conclusion you seem to draw.

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            Okay, I'm not sure how much clearer I can be, unless your not aware of layout design. First, creat a layout, then add a swipe box and then using field picker drop a field on it. The field appears in all off the swipe boxes, minus the field name. Of course the objective is to add a field to only one box. This cannot be done from the field picker, hence this is not functioning correctly. My conclusion is based on using the old method of adding fields by using the layout tools. In this manner, the fields appears only in the box that is placed and not all of the swipe boxes. Hence, the error.

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              I presume by swipe box you mean slide control?


              I created a new layout. Added a slide control. Opened the field picker. Dragged two fields onto the first panel. Moved to the second panel and as expected it is blank.

              Screenshots to prove it.


              Clearly not actually an error.

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                Well, I wish it worked for me but no go? It appears in all boxes. Not sure why yours works and me not?

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                  Hi wildturk,


                  Like jrenfrew, I, too, am so far unable to reproduce your reported behavior; not to doubt your observation, mind you, just that following your described procedure doesn't yield the same result for me.


                  That said, I think I may have a clue as to what is going on. FileMaker 12 introduced a new layering model as far as layout objects that have "containment" (e.g., portals and panel controls). The result is that objects can sometimes overlap a panel control or portal and not be "contained" within them. This excellent blog post by Daniel Wood explains it beautifully (should be required reading!). See if that helps at all. The positive upshot of the new model is that, in contrast to FM 11 and earlier, you only have to select the containing object itself in order to move it plus all of its contents. In earlier versions you needed to explicitly select everything. A side-effect is that, as mentioned, occasionally something appears to be contained within a panel control or portal, but is actually floating above it. I suspect that is what's happening in your case. That would make the field appear to be in multiple panels, when in actuallity its in none of them. One way that a lot of developers check to make sure that a field or object is truly contained is to drag it out of the panel control or portal without releasing the mouse button; if it seems to disappear (except for its drag outline) as you drag outside of the container, then it is contained, otherwise it is not. (Cmd-Z, then, for a quick undo, of course.)


                  If I may offer a friendly bit of advice on how to get the best help here on the forum—not meaning to imply that jrenfrew's always spot-on help doesn't fall into that category, mind you—it would be these couple of pointers: 


                  (1)  Use correct FileMaker jargon to describe your observations (e.g., "Slide Control" instead of "swipe box," "Field Picker" instead of "drop field," "panel" instead of "box," etc.)  I have to admit that I read your post earlier today and wanted to jump in and help, but after rereading it a couple of times, realized I didn't know what you were referring to.


                  (2)  Avoid a hasty leap to the conclusion that your observation or problem means that a feature is "not ready for prime time," at least until it's been clearly replicated by fellow developers here on the forum.


                  And lastly, but probably most importantly :


                  (3)  If a veteran of the forum like jrenfrew (or any forumer, for that matter) chimes in to try and help, and asks for more clarification of the problem, avoid denigrating them as being "not aware of layout design," etc. Mr. Renfrew is certainly aware of layout design and has taken the time to chime in often to help fellow forumers like yourself.





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                    How perfectly worded, Mark. 

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                      Thanks to all for chiming in. I was looking to see if anybody could replicate this error. With a new day, I started the demo up and why for no apparent reason the error has dissappeared. I appreciate the ettiquette lesson from all you.

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                        Glad it's working for you, wildturk.  Slide panels are the cat's pajamas!