How to import csv file of all foundset's record one by one

Discussion created by aanshi on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2013 by PeterWindle

I want to find records which are created in last 2 hrs.After search/find these records I wan to import that records whoese file name is related to this find records.

e.g in last two hrs 3 records are cretaed and their's id are 11,12,13. No what i want....for these records there are csv files names.. import11,import12,import13.means files name are always in this format "import"&$id.csv and there are only one record in these csv file

Here problem is, I put this import script in loop after find this foundset,after file is imported my foundset is becomes 1 becuase only 1 record is inserted.So how to import all foundset's records csv file one by one ??

I know I m explaining this things properly but i try my best ...