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    Codesigning FM13 runtimes fails on Mavericks Mac OS X 10.9


      once again


      after codesigning on FM12v5 runtimes failed on Mavericks, it fails with FM13 too.




      how should we build apps based on the runtime, if we can´t sign them ?


      I posted a bug regarding 12v5, why didn´t they change anything for 13 ?


      Is it so difficult to build the components in a way, that they can be signed successfully ?


      I have already asked Sam Rowland from Ohanaware again, if he can help with his AppWrapper. But I really have no understanding, why FM can´t solve the problem on its own.


      Just realized that these




      files are still protected in the generated runtimes. Another bug I posted already years ago - tata, still there :-(