Type Ahead auto complete from value list

Discussion created by amy on Dec 21, 2013
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Hello All,


I want to perform a dynamic find from items in a value list. For example I would like to have the product name field in a line item on the sales layout auto fill from a value list when the user types in any part of the name. I know this is possible using a global field as a search field in the header of say the products list layout using an On Keystroke trigger script with a perfrom find script step and an extend found set script step to search through the items in the product list.


For the sales layout, the line item product name field uses a value list from the products name field in the products table. I know this is also possible from a value list on a website using javascript. Is there a way to make this work in FileMaker? I am using FM 13 Advanced. Unfortunately the only programming I know is either PHP or basic Javascript, so writing a custom function in C++ is out! Any ideas, suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.