New Window Issues

Discussion created by amy on Dec 21, 2013
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Hello All,


I have a question regarding FM windows and how to control them! I have had all kinds of trouble with this!!! If I go to another layout and open that layout in a new window it;


A. Opens the New window to the size specified, but changes the size of the orignal window, why?


B. Opens the New window, then puts it underneath the old window when I try to use a the select window script step then adjust window to adjust the original window, then the select window script step to select the new window. I even ran the script debugger on this, it appeared to skip right over the last select window script step, weird!!!


C. If I can actually get the windows and their sizes to function correctly it does not always work! Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, seems to depend on what else is open!


D. Opening a new window as a floating document window, all seems fine until the user trys to move the floating window. The original window changes size! Why would that happen?


Is there a way to control windows in FM better? I would like to set the layout the user sees when the solution is opened to always be there, in otherwords lock it, so it does not ever move or change size, and not allow then to exit out of it either. I have been somewhat successful is using the adjust window script step and then selecting resize to fit, but even this seems to only work some of the time.


Has anyone else sxperienced these problems? Does anyone know what options are available to help control windows more? This has been completey frustrating! I am using FM 13 Advanced and this particular solution is running on Windows 7.


Any suggestions or help would be GREATLY appreciated!