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Question about loops again

Question asked by bartprins on Dec 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2013 by bartprins

Hi there again a question but thanks for all the replies this is helping out great !!


I've got a couple of tables which i fill with data i import from a text file into the fields of that tables.

I have to add some extra fields to these tables and then export them back again into a textfile.


There are relationships between these tables made, where a couple of these relations have a one to many type and i made them viewable via a portal.


I made another couple of tables where i collect the data from the other tables and fill them on basis of the keyiD of the record.

I used this code to fill the tables:


Set variable [$Var Value:Table1::KeyId

Go to Layout ["Layout"]

New Record/Request

Set Field [FollowUpTable::KeyId2;$Var]


And i do this for every table in this script


However there are a couple tables which have more than one record with the same KeyId which are in portals in the orginal tables.

I probably have to do something with a loop where it checks the value of KeyId and makes a new record for that data, but don't know the code for this, i've been looking on google and the forum but can't find what i'm looking for. I think it should be something like this in poor English:


Goto layout....


Find the record which has the same KeyId as the others:

make a variabele as $Var

New record

Set field

End loop



I hope this is clear enough?


Thanks for reading


Much obliged