Install FMS13 Server on Windows 7 x64 fails

Discussion created by actxc on Dec 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by mmcintyre

For tests, a Server on a local Windows 7 workstation can help.


1) I tried to install FMS13 on Windows 7 x64 and failed, because the installer tries to download the Microsoft Application Request Routing ARRv2.5, and Microsoft changed the download service to Web Platform , the installer will fail.

the old place provides only a text file, containing the following message:


"Application Request Routing v2.5 is only available via Web Platform Installer.

Please install Application Request Routing v2.5 via"



Install Microsoft Application Request Routing ARRv2.5 manually via

Install this before you start the FMS13 installer

Install not the new version ARR 3.0, thi swill not be accepted. Only one version of ARR is accepted, you need the ARR 2.5


2) If you try to run the FileMaker installer as normal user, you will be asked for the admin rights correctly, but the folders are created with wrong right and can not be used by anyone.



Log in as Admin. Start the FMS13 installer.