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Question asked by hellholm on Dec 22, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2013 by jimahopkins

I have a database (Filemaker Pro 12) with several columns, but three of them will be used for sorting, Surname, First name, adress and sex


How do I do to group sorting result so all people living in one household (based on the adress field) is grouped and then surmame is sorted or opposite. This should work both for married & common-law. Children living on same address should also be grouped together.


Below is an fictive example


Andersson, Ingvar, Kungsgatan 12

Andersson, Sigrid, Kungsgatan 12

Andersson, Magnus, Drottninggatan 1

Andersson, Nikolina, Hamngatan 12

Bengtsson, Gustaf, Karlbergsgatan 5

Håkansson, Stina, Karlbergsgatan 5

Bengtsson, Sandra, Kustvägen 28

Davidsson, Arne, Klarinettgatan 9

Davidsson, Beata, Klarinettgatan 9

Davidsson, Maria, Klarinettgatan 9

Davidsson, Karl, Klarinettgatan 9

Davidsson, Mia, Klarinettgatan 9


Is it possible archieve this result? if so, how do I do?