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      I have a database (Filemaker Pro 12) with several columns, but three of them will be used for sorting, Surname, First name, adress and sex


      How do I do to group sorting result so all people living in one household (based on the adress field) is grouped and then surmame is sorted or opposite. This should work both for married & common-law. Children living on same address should also be grouped together.


      Below is an fictive example


      Andersson, Ingvar, Kungsgatan 12

      Andersson, Sigrid, Kungsgatan 12

      Andersson, Magnus, Drottninggatan 1

      Andersson, Nikolina, Hamngatan 12

      Bengtsson, Gustaf, Karlbergsgatan 5

      Håkansson, Stina, Karlbergsgatan 5

      Bengtsson, Sandra, Kustvägen 28

      Davidsson, Arne, Klarinettgatan 9

      Davidsson, Beata, Klarinettgatan 9

      Davidsson, Maria, Klarinettgatan 9

      Davidsson, Karl, Klarinettgatan 9

      Davidsson, Mia, Klarinettgatan 9


      Is it possible archieve this result? if so, how do I do?

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          I think you just need a sub summary report. You also need a field to determine the sex and the matiral situation.

          Yoy will need three sub reports

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            It sounds to me that this comes down to sort order, which you determine by your priorities. Since you must have household members grouped then address has to be the first sort field, then surname, then first name.

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              I would have to agree with both.  Just add a sub summary part above or blow your body.  create that when sorting by Address.  In the subsumarry put in the surname and you'll see the surname reported with all those who live at the same address.


              Good luck.