Opening container content in Go AND on desktop issue

Discussion created by stoerevloeren on Dec 22, 2013
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Hi, I'm looking for efficient ways to solve the following issue:


My database is externally hosted on a hosting server. The database containes a portal row with a container field. The data in this field can be .pdf/image/txt etc. and is embedded (externally saved, not secured), thus on the server of the hostingprovider (location is set through databasemanagement/ container field settings/ options open storage save externally).

With Go on Ipad/Iphone I can open the container files simply by double clicking. On my desktop however this doesn't work: here the container field stores a reference but doesn't track towards the files on the hosting server. I asked the Filemaker helpdesk and they tell me this is because of the operating system (MAC OS X Lion 10.7), and that I should export the container content and then open this exported content. Problem is that I cannot export the content to the server (in which case for both platforms a script with export and open could be used I assume) I'm looking for a way to open the content in the container field on both GO and desktop IOS in the same way, is there a possibility?


Thnks in advance !