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    Users Connection to server lost


      We keep having some of our FMP users loose connection to the server, mutilple time per day. Our data bases are running on a dedicated FMP 12 server. Does anyone have an idea of were I should start looking solve the issue? We have 13 pc's connected to the server using FMP12. All the ones losing connection are connected though ethernet lines to a switch to the server (we have others connected though wifi). There are no server scripts that runing during the time of the "Connection Loses".


      FYI, I'm not the network guy, I just work on the data bases.

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          First, have you made sure in your Admin console you don't have the Server disconnecting inactive users after an amount of time that is too short for your needs.  Second, FileMaker is a continuous connection unlike http web connections.  So any break in the connection disconnects everything and you have to log back in.  This means your network needs to be stable and FileMaker would be sensitive to bad switches, routers or ethernet wiring, etc.  Do you know about the health of your network?  You said all of the ones loosing connection are going through ethernet lines to a server.  Obviously they can't do that directly and so they are going through a switch.  I would swap out that switch with another one for a day and see if it makes a difference.  Dumb switches are pretty cheap anyway.  But give that a try.