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FM 13 Style Attibutes between Layouts

Question asked by JimBrear on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2013 by JimBrear

Holiday Break - Time to play.. I am trying to come to grips with style attributes in themes.


It seems obvious that to get consistancy in the UI of a solution you should define an object to your liking, and save that as a Style under the overall theme.


I assumed that once I did that:


The custom style would be available in all other layouts using that theme.


If I copy an object using a particular style from one layout to another using that theme it would retain the Style name originally given, allowing style changes to flow accross layouts.


This is not the behaviour I am seeing. Different layouts using the same theme show their own sets of styles.


How do I get styles developed on one layout to migrate to a different layout?


I am having one of my "I must have miised something obvious" moments.


Any hints will be gratefully received.