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Help with setting a DB

Question asked by Penilorac on Dec 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by usbc


Sorry if I am not at the right place. I just finished a 10h class on FileMaker because I need to create a database for work. I am just not sure how to proceed now.


I need the DB to do this:


We are selling customs printing products. The users will be our clients who will access our DB from the web. And on a second part, our employes who will process the orders.


The client will set the informations for the first file. He then can add another file to print and set all the info related to it, etc. When he is done adding the files (1, 5, 12, etc), I need the system to be able to merge all the different images he ordered to print in an invoice and keep an access to all his orders in his client page. Since each file will then be used in production, it will be a good thing to have 1 record per file ordered.


After that we will also use the database for the production of those prints which will be other table.


My main problem is to merge all the records of the same order together.


Thank you very much!