Passing an Applescript variable to FileMaker

Discussion created by IanWilson on Dec 26, 2013
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Can anyone help me with some Applescript syntax??


I've downloaded and installed the Applescript Addition SerialPort X so that I can send and receive data via a USB/Serial cable to a device. In testing it, I have created a very small calculated Perform Applescript scriptstep which opens the port using data stored in FileMaker global fields. I can also close the port, so I should have absolutely no problem sending data from FileMaker via the AppleScript.


However, I'm going to need to read from the device and pass the data back to a FileMaker global field.


The line that's bothering me is:




"set cell "gReturn" of table "serial test" to portRef" & "¶" &




gReturn is the FM global field and portRef is the Applescript integer variable.


When I run the FM script everything works fine until I get to that line whereupon I get hit by an "Object not found" error message followed by "Unknown Error: -10006."


Could anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?