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    Change fmi/webd


      Hello All,


      I have had a FMPSA12 running on a Windows 2008R2 VM Machine. We on campus use Active Directory for authentication for Students to log into the databases. On the server 12 we used FM IWP and the server name "filemaker.uoregon.edu" for example. When a web browser went to http:filemaker.uoregon.edu it automatically popped up a log in window that asked for an Active Directory name and password.


      Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 11.32.38 AM.png


      So I have 2 questions for anyone who might have an answer to the following new situations.


      We have upgraded to FMPSA13 and moved it onto a MacMini Server. (we're not running server software.) The mini is running a regular install of Mavericks and FMPSA13. All updates have been run.

      Since we upgraded the server we have a new web address for the IWP. aaa-fmp.uoregon.edu From this web address I get the following:


      Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 11.36.22 AM.png


      Which according to the Tech support at filemaker this is correct. But I would prefer to use the web url: aaa-fmp.uoregon.edu and not have to add use: aaa-fmp.uoregon.edu/fmi/webd

      Anyone know how to change the IWP function to allow this change to happen?


      Thanks in advanced.

      Jeremy Smith

      AAATech University of Oregon

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          Are you still running IWP or have you updated this to WebDirect?  I ask this because, 13 doesn't support IWP at all and the new licensing setup could require a lot more horse power then a Mac mini to support WebDirect for a large number of Students.  Of couse I don't know what your DB does so it may only have a few connections at a time and work perfectly on a small box with limited connections.


          Take a look at the FM13 WebDirect Guide. 




          In it there is a section called Linking to a database from an HTML page

          The section describes how to setup a page on the server that will direct the user to your database.




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            Thanks for the reply Bruce. I've done a clean install on the server so it's all FMPSA13. So I'm running webdirect.. The files that are on the server that are online are just one page signups. So the overhead on the MacMini isn't that huge.


            But the file that I needed I found today.

            ~/Library/Filemaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/Index.html


            I made some changes to that file that re-directs to the database server.uoregon.edu/fmi/webd/#database name.


            So it's a bit rough and doesn't look great, but it works.


            Thanks for the help.