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    Question removing spaces from a field


      Hi there everyone and happy holidays,


      I've have three fields which are deliverd by a third party; Name, Initials and Prefix. I want to combine these fields in one field for readabillity.

      However these fields have a fixed lenght and are filled with spaces when not used. So for example when the field [Name] has a value of "Doe" the field contains 22 spaces on the left and then holds "Doe".


      The field lenghts are Name = 25 Characters

      Intials = 6

      Prefix = 10

      All three fields are padded with spaces.


      For one record i know i can do this with left right and middle cause there are fixed places, but i don't know how to do this when the place can be variabel.


      Much oblidged for reading this !



      Bart Prins