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    WebDirect font display

      I have a layout which I would like to display no matter the platform. It displays perfectly in all ways except one: Text will not remain vertically aligned on WD in comparison to LAN (which is where it will be used 70% of the time). Who controls the rendering here? My rMBP? Safari? FM? Can I control some of this?


      Text displays all the way to the top of the part and it does not seem to matter which font I use, which layout part the text is placed in, what padding is set, nor increasing the line height. If I have to give up using the same layout and instead design this layout specifically for WD I will do so but I wanted to check if there is something obvious I'm missing. I appreciate ideas. :-)

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          Are you referring to WD on the LAN vs. WAN, or to FMP on LAN vs. WD on WAN? Just checking as it was a bit confusing (like all of those acronyms).


          Have you tested across multiple browsers for WD? And have you checked to make sure your browser you are using (safari?) is on the version compatible list?

          • Safari 6.x and Safari 7.x
          • Internet Explorer 9.x or 10.x
          • Chrome 21.x


          I would look under the hood to see if in the style code was passed to the browser, the vertical-align property is set to "middle" for your object.


          On the stylesheet, it would look something like:




          I find I use chrome for this type of troubleshooting, as the right click "inspect element" helps a lot.


          you might find that there's another style overriding your vertical align property that you can eliminate on the FM side. Or that FM is responsible for not passing the code at all. Or maybe even that you've uncovered a bug that shows vertical aligned text is not supported at all!


          Also, I'm not going to say it's a "bad idea" to have separate WD layouts for ALL of your solution, just like most IWP solutions had.

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            Hi Mike,


            Sorry for the late response, I have equipment issues on this end.


            This is WD over WAN opening in Safari 7.0.1.  When the file is opened locally or LAN it is fine but when opened in Safari it aligns top.  The text blocks are set to align center both vertically and horizontally and there is no padding set.  After watching Richard Carlton's great video I might give up on sharing layouts with WD for now.


            Once I'm back up and running, I'll take a look at the Styles, download Chrome and respond back.  Thank you so much for helping; I appreciate it very much.