FM 13 - Delete Record/Request script step in portal row - issue with v12 clients?

Discussion created by flybynight on Dec 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2013 by SteveNoble

I'm surprised that I haven't seen any discussion on this, even doing a search in the forum. Maybe I missed it, but I would think this could be a big issue for some.


I saw this in the release notes for 13, under "1. Script Steps":


1.2. Performing the Delete Record/Request script step in a portal row now deletes the related record instead of the master record.


This sounds incredibly convenient. If I read that correct, that means that you can now have a button in a portal row to delete a related record with 1 step (plus any error trapping, permissions checks, etc). A lot easier than capturing keys, go to related record or layout, isolate the desired record to delete, return to the layout you were on, refresh, etc. Several ways to get there, but you get my point: the new way is far easier.


But, what happens if you do this in 13, but someone opens it up in 12? Does your script delete the parent record (the old behavior) instead of the child?


Definitely a case where you would want to set the minimum version to 13 if you use that script step.


Just curious if anyone has tested or run into this.