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    List of sold items from inventory records


      Hi everyone,


      My first post and my first advanced challenge that I need feedback on. I am new to filemaker and working with the inventory starter solution in FM 11. I have created a few new table for sales, expenses, events, so that I can track those items. On the sales layout I have the date, location ammount etc.. What I would like to add is a list of items that i can show were sold at a specific event. It seems like a portal would be the way to go. I simply want a to be able to choose specific inventory items that were sold and list those items. Later on I would like to have it update the inventory if something was sold but right now i just want to display a list that pulls from inventory.


      Can anyone send me in the right direction as far as how to form the relationship and what type of control is used for this type of scenario.


      Thanks for any feedback,



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          You need a many-to-many relationship between sales and products. You would use an intermediary table, such as "salesitems" and form the following relationships:


          Sales::PrimaryKey = SalesItems::Sales_ForeignKey

          Products::PrimaryKey = SalesItems::Products_PrimaryKey


          This type of thing is covered here:



          This way you can show a portal of SalesItems records on either the sales layout or the products layout, and show related data from across the relationship.


          You also need to update, FM11's file format is now out of date and will eventually fail to be supported. If you're developing a new file, you should be using the latest version.


          I'd also recommend training, as this is basic RDBMS stuff that you should learn at a basic level. There are tons of FM authorized trainers, and online resources like lynda.com as well.