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    Error 803


      Hi! I'm having some issues using FileMaker GO and was wondering if someone could help me understand what's happening in the background. Here's the scenario: I have a hosted file and I'm accessing it through an iPad. Whenever I open the client file through dropbox and I try to sync it I get an error message (803). After some experiments, I realized I could overcome the error by closing the the file and re-opening it on FileMaker Go. Any ideas on why this is happening? Cheers!

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          "hosted" and "dropbox" are mutually exclusive.


          Hosted means that the file is hosted on FileMaker Server and you can only access it through "open remote".  That would make it unavaiable through dropbox.


          If your live FMS files are in a dropbox folder then you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain.  FMS requires exclusive lock on the files.

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            Thanks for the feedback. I may have expressed myself wrong. I am NOT using dropbox to share my FileMaker solution. All the syncing occurs at FMS. The only thing on dropbox is my client file. The app only gets in the way as a means to place files on the device, avoiding the use of iTunes. Let's say we use email instead. The idea is this: whenever I have and option to "open with" FileMaker GO I can't sync with the server unless I close and re-open the local database. The funny thing is that the file is never saved on a different location (before and after closing I get the same exact path) but the way iOS handles permissions (just a thought here) seems to through this 803 error unless I do this close/re-open thing.