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How to pull result of action in web viewer?

Question asked by mark_b on Dec 27, 2013
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I am attempting to build a medical massage charting system. I have a web viewer displaying a web page I created with a graphic showing the muscles of the body (see image below). I have created several "hot spots" on the image so when the cursor moves over an area (sorry, the screenshot doesn't show the cursor), a description of the muscle appears. What I would like to have happen is be able to click on that area and capture the text for that area. In html, I have the option to create a link when clicking on the hot spot, but that's where I get lost. I don't want to go to the link unless there is a way to capture what the link states without actually going anywhere. My knowledge of html is limited, but I can usually make things work with the aid of Google.


I tried placing the graphic on a layout and using transparent buttons with tooltips over the areas of the body. That would work great because I could use script steps with parameters to insert the text I want in to the database fields. The only problem is that not all areas of the body fit into circles or squares (button shapes). The ability to create polygon shaped buttons with rotation would be great. Any ideas how to accomplish this would be appreciated.




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