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Does "Adjust Window [Hide] / [Restore]" work? (in a script)

Question asked by tguise on Dec 27, 2013
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Thanks in Advance for any and all input, as I appreciate it.


In FM Pro 12 Adv, I have been tinkering with a set of 3 windows and trying to Hide them and Restore them. While the functionality works well from the built in menu system, I am unable to get the same to work from within a Script.


In researching it seems this was an issue back in Rls 10, but I have not seen anything since then to say one way or the other.


I did see a statement that the feature works in FM 13 Pro Adv.


So, with that being said, does anyone know if Adjust Window [Hide] / [Restore] works properly from within a Script in FM Pro 12 Adv?


Again, "Thanks" in Advance!