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    FMS12 -> FMS13 on OS X Server


      I have a Mac mini running Server, using Open Directory and File Sharing (AFP). I am wanting to use the Profile Manager as well some time soon. But 1st priority is upgrading FMS from 12 to 13. I have CWP running too, and it needs to keep working, of course.

      Is it safe to upgrade using the documentation for the FMS13 installer, or will my Apple services stop working?

      Have you experienced any problems?



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          You're running the Server app.  The recommendation is to install FMS13 on regular OSX that does not have Server.  Something to do with the web server I believe.

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            Right, it is the same configuation that we have had running for years. Something FMI has promoted for a long time, too, running on server vs. client OS.

            I think I know about the web issues: the web services related to CWP should work fine as long as I don't use the Server app to configure other websites.

            My main worry is if my AFP setup will be unusable after FMS13 install? If the Server app refuses to start, I will be in trouble.

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              You can install FMS13 on your Mac OS X Server - we have that setup here in the office. However <--  BIG GOTCHA, if your Mac OS X Server also is a web server, the FMS13 install will disable your OS X web server and will stop serving web pages.  FMS13's new WebDirect runs its own web server and can't run concurrently with OS X's web server.


              In a perfect world, of course, your FMS should be sitting on its own box anyway. Therefore, this shouldn't be a problem. But, if your OS X server does any web serving, be prepared to either buy a new server to run FMS by itself, or disable WebDirect & CWP.

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                Hi Jens,

                just did that and checked that server is not webserving any longer. Intended!

                But, if you want to serve static webpages you can show the way in FMS13.

                (also for PHP and other CWP stuff)


                In OSX the root for pages served via Apache is



                /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs



                /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/httpsroot.


                After a fresh install FMS13 Puts its own Server Startpage down here – calling the server with http://www.YourServerNameAndDomain loads the page Index.html


                AFP sreving is not effected, but certainly must be very much under control.


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