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    Can't Install FMS13


      Can someone please help me;


      I am trying to install FMS13 using my developer liscence key, but I

      keep getting a message which says

      "Licence key is not valid" See the licence key that came with the DVD, etc.


      I cut and pasted the licence key aswell as inputting it with the keyboard, same problem.


      Thanks in advance

      Yours sincerely


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          I can install .where did you get the install dmg. You should download the dmg from the URL that provide from your software hope that helps

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            Hi adrico;

            I downloaded the dmg from the "My Software" Tab.

            I downloaded new version just before I posted this message and

            got the same result.


            I am running the latest version of Mavericks on a MacBook Pro.

            I couldn't even run the Dev version of FMSA12 on this machine

            because I couln't get the console to run.


            Yours sincerely