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    Convert Date Format When Importing from Excel


      I have a report that sorts by date. The data is imported from .xls. Unless I first edit the file so that the field is formatted mm/dd/yyyy, FM imports the date as yyyy-mm-dd, and the report fails to sort properly, grouping all items on the same day. Is there a way to convert the format as it is imported?

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          You could either:


          1.     Create a calc field to give a version of the imported date formatted the way you want it, and sort your report by that field; OR


          2.     Use the same date format calc as an auto-enter by calculation in the import field using "Self" to replace the imported date.


          The advantage of option 1 is that you can still see the date in its imported form, which could be useful for tracing errors. The disadvantage is one extra field and thus more work for FM to do.

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