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Greenhorn Questions on Using ODBC with an application created in FMPRO Developer

Question asked by macmesser on Dec 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2013 by macmesser

I have a need to access the fields in my POS system to import/update them into a web cart. A third party ODBC driver for my POS system (Windows based) exists and my plan is to create an application in Mac FMPRO Developer which will use my POS system as an ODBC data source. The FMPRO runtime application would be for working with the POS data external to POS system. Is the plan as outlined thus far workable? From this point I could either export tables from FMPRO application or perhaps link it to an ODBC data source on the web site. The key question is whether or not I can configure the FMPRO runtime app as an ODBC datasource for the web site and simultaneously link it to an ODBC data source (my POS system) locally. Are there any obvious problems with this approach? Is it over complicated and if so what might a cleaner approach be? Are an native Filemaker PRO functions in V. 12 or v. 13 likely to be very helpful in accomplishing the objective?


I am leaning to exporting tables and importing into the shopping cart, in observance of the KISS principle. Adding new stuff will not be necessary every day but possibly several (2-4) times per month so this will not be too onerous.


Thanks for any insights.