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    Table View sorting and Value Lists


      Hi, I made a single table for all my value lists so the client can add things as they wish. But in table view when they sort, blank records appear at the top. Is there a work around for this. I want to make use of the table view built in functions as much as possible,



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          Just guessing here, but blank records are likely "new" records that never received values. You need to either test for this (validation before commit) or periodically delete these with a script (maybe a script trigger opon opening of the layout).

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            The value list table has multiple fields the will be used in pop up fields.  So it may have 10 values in one and then 20 in another.  So there will be a lot of blanks.  I use the table since it is really cheap interms of Development Time to use

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              Okay, I see now.


              While there are a number of ways to attack this, it might be easiest to have a second field in your table that describes the list. For example:


              Field 1 = List Name , Field 2 = List Value

              Presidents , George Washington

              Presidents , John Adams


              States , Alabama

              States , Alaska



              Now define a relationship that limits the records (Table1.List Name = Table2.listName where you could have "Presidents" or "States" in the related field. Now, from within the inspector, create a list that populates from a table showing only related records based on Table1.