Replacing XSLT Sites with PHP Sites and FMStudioPro Question

Discussion created by smower on Dec 30, 2013



We are on FileMaker Server Advanced 11 and use the XSLT sites that were created by the site assistant. We are now preparing to upgrade to FileMaker Server 13. It appears that we will have to rewrite our xslt sites as php sites. I am trying to find the quickest path of least resistance.


Regarding the xslt sites that were built with the site assistant, I liked how it made urls that I could pass data through to look up records or go to a certain record. The php site assistant doesn't seem to make REST friendly urls that allow me to query the database through the url like I could with the xslt sites. Does anyone know if the FMStudioPro plugin creates queriable url's like the xslt site assistant or non queriable urls like the php site assistant?