WebDirect 13 ... Optimization Training Video (45 min)

Discussion created by richardcarlton on Dec 29, 2013
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Hi Everyone,


For those of you wanting to dig into WebDirect, we have a new training video to help you learn to optimize your solutions for deployment on WebDirect. The first 15 minutes are an overview and the positioning of WebDirect... which are very important.


The remaining 30 minutes are about optimizing your solutions with FileMaker Pro 13... for deployment on WebDirect.


The video is about:


Understanding what WebDirect really is... and how to Optimize Layouts to improve performance... as much as 200%... or more. Techniques for optimization will be new for a vast number of FileMaker developers.


This video does not address work arounds for features that developer would like to see... but are not in the product yet.