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    Auto leaving voice message via scripting


      I'm looking to loop through several dozen client records (found set) and leave voice mails in the following way:

      1. programmatically dial slydial (same number every time)
      2. Wait for prompt (x seconds?)
      3. fmPro plays the client phone number tones into slydial
      4. fmpro plays a recorded message into slydial from a container field.


      Can this be done?

      Generally, how?




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          If it CAN be done with SlyDial, which I think is a longshot, then you'd be looking at something like:


          GoToRecord - First


              Set Variable $number = filter(phonenumber; "0123456789" )

              Set Variable $char = Length($number)
             Dial Phone (slydial number)

              Pause/Resume Script - x second duration


                  Set Variable $i = $i + 1

                  Set Variable $num = Middle($number ; $i ; 1)

                  If ($num = 1 )

                      Go To Field "global_tone1" - select/perform checked (I think select/perform checked will play a container, but it might be different)

                  Else if ($num = 2)

                     Go To Field "global_tone2" - select/perform checked

                 ETC... // FOR ALL 10 DIGIT TONES, stored as globals in ten separate containers.

                  End If

                  Exit Loop if $i = $char

              End Loop

              Go To Field "Message" - Select/Perform checked

              Go To Record/Request - Next / exit after last

          End Loop


          I've never heard of anyone using slydial, so I don't think there's a test, and you might be on your own to answer if it can be done.


          If they had some sort of API that you could send a number and a file to, then it might be a lot easier and more possible. However I didn't see anything mentioned.


          Also, SlyDial is listed as a consumer grade product, not as an enterprise product. You might be breaking their Terms of Service by trying to use it this way.