FMS 13 Administration - Notifications via E-mail - What is the general format of a valid email address?

Discussion created by tjsoftworks on Dec 31, 2013
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I hope someone has discovered the full limits of the e-mail addresses that are possible or not possible and can help me thru a continuing pain point.


While it is my opinion that a valid e-mail address should be of the form: FirstName LastName <>, I have not been able to use any "label" in any of the address fields of the FMS Admininstration and Notification area.


In past versions of FMS, there have been problems with one of more of the e-mail fields but now it seems and all labels are rejected for FMS WebGUI.


In the past I have used notifications like "FMSA12 at My Office in Rack 2" <> and mostly this has worked


Anyone successfully added anything beyond a strict e-mail address - i.e no label at all - example: