Database could not be removed.... from fmServer (20402)  mysterious behavior

Discussion created by on Dec 30, 2013

FM13 Server hosted on Mac Mini!


I had to replace an instance of a (fmpro 12 file with external storage for PDFs) this weeked due to my error merging some database tables - TWICE

The first time, I stopped the bad file, selected the trash icon, and everything worked fine dragging a copy of both the database and remote container data structure.

The SECOND time, the file would be stopped,but not still won't and now the following:

  1. won't allow writing to one container field - "cannot write to external..."
  2. two other container fields have developed mysterious scroll bars and either won't accept container docs OR instantly open adobe and a print dialogue!!


I've downloaded the file to my desktop, and now the one container field that wouldn't accept data will, but the other two cotainers won't and still have their scroll bars


Help!!! almost 14 hours into this!