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Modular style development. (multi-file or monolothic?)...

Question asked by twelvetens on Dec 31, 2013
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I'm wondering about how people go about re-using bits of development from one project that they might need in another.


A good example is a set of tables to store things like contact/client information. Many different databases might need this sort of table arrangement, so do people tend to make a 'boiler plate' file for these things, with scripts that can be called externally to create entries etc, and then build up a selection of .fpX files for each new project that meets the requirements of the project at hand, or is the conventional wisdom more to create a new monolothic file for each project and then import the relevant tables and scripts etc into the new file.


Pro/Cons of each?


I'm not looking for a specfic answer here, obviously, just wondering what people out there tend to do...