Connect to Server using Terminal Service

Discussion created by petery009 on Dec 31, 2013
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Happy new year , Everyone!!


We have a filemaker server host on a virtual machine somewhere, and we use the filemaker pro to connect to the server. the problem is the speed is not that great!

(internet is not good from client side and also because the filemaker is a fat client)


So, we tried to use the terminal service from the virtual machine(win2008 server), and we found out the speed is good.

Then, we found out something is not working.

example, the email client is not working , so i did a little research that seems like i can use a plug in to make it work,

another example, what if a user trying to open an Word , Excel , file from the server, do i need to install office on the server and need volume license for the office as well ? or there's other way to do this! (currently , when user try to open a document the script to save it in temp folder and open it automatically )


so things like that, i wonder if anyone has the experience with all of these can share some ideas of how to deal with them!!

Any suggestions is welcome!!