Newbie help with messy database

Discussion created by robertstaflin on Jan 1, 2014
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I'm trying to make a grading database for one of Swedens iaido schools. I've made four tables:


person (a person)

handelse (an occurence, i.e. a person graded from one grade to another at a grading)

gradering (a grading)

grader (the differing grades)


In a layout called Person, I want to show the latest grading from different categories, so for "normal" grades in the "grader" table I want the latest grading below id 18. Hence I use the following formula:


If ( Max(Tillgrad::id) < 18 ; Max(Tillgrad::id) ; GetValue ( Tillgrad::id;1))


...where Tillgrad is a "copy" of the grader table.


The problem is that it seems that I always get the value from Frangrad (another copy of the grader table). Please take a look at the attached pdf file... *Sob*


I've also tried working with a portal to get the latest grading information, with much the same result - I get the value from the "Frangrad" (the grade from which the person graded to something else).


Should I just start over, and use separate tables for the different grade categories?


Thanks for any input.