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    Losing typefaces with FileMaker 13


      We recently have adopted a new housestyle which includes a brand new logo. Nothing exciting, nothing fancy. We still use the same typefaces (Univers, the Open Type version).


      In FileMaker 12 is see some more variations of the Univers family as I do in FileMaker 13. This realy s*cks, since the ones I’m missing now are just the ones I need. I consider this a a very major bug in the new version. Does anyone has an alternative way of getting these family member visible, except creating the lay-outs in FileMaker 12?

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          The solution probably lies outside FM. Assuming the fonts you require are on your machine, and assuming you are using some sort of font management software (eg. Suitcase or similar), if you set these fonts to be permanently opened then they will be available to FM. As I understand it, FM does not have any built in way to open fonts itself.

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            Perhaps some system background might be needed:

            - Running Mac OS X (both 8 and 9 have the same issues as described above);

            - Fonts are opened through the main Library of the system, I’m not using any font management tools.

            - I replaced the fonts with fresh versions to be sure they were not corrupted.


            In FM12 the fonts are show correct, in FM13 the are not - still working on the same Macs with the same document (which are on the FM13 server).


            As this problem does not occur in 12, but does in 13 I think the assumption is very likely the problem lies within FileMakers font management. Other applications (like Adobe InDesign) do not have this problem. Even MS Word shows the type OK. I’m just missing some of the weights as if they are combined (which used to hapen more often in the past, applications combined different weights because they assumed these weights could be applied with bold, italic, etc).


            I corrected the problem in FM12 since I need to be able to make my invoices, but this also means I cannot lock out the previous versions with the option to open the files only in FM13.

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              It sounds as if, for some reason, FM13 is not recognising the particular font (ie. typeface and size) and it does sound like an FM13 issue from what you describe, so perhaps you could report it to FM and see if you get anywhere.

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                Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm still having the exact same issue, only happens on FMP & FMPA 13 and OS 10.9.2

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                  Also with the lastest update (v3) the problem is not solved.


                  FM12_TypeFaces.png FM13_TypeFaces.png


                  On the left the typefaces available in FileMaker 12, on the right on the same computer the typefaces available in FileMaker 13.