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    Hiding the Zoom Control Area


      Happy New Year everyone!


      I'm developing on a Mac running Mavericks and FMP 13 Advanced. Is there an elegant way to hide the Zoom Control Area on the first window (and subsequent ones too) after opening a database?





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          Use the "new window" script step.


          Specify "advanced options"


          uncheck "zoom control area" checkbox.

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            Hi Mike:


            I'm aware of the steps you outlined, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I need the very first window to appear without the Zoom Control Area. Since what you have outlined has to be scripted, it must be triggered from a visible layout that has the Zoom Control Area visible.


            No matter what I try, I get a 'flashing' brief view of the first window ... not very elegant, I'm afraid!





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              I guess you're more elegant than I am!


              If you wanted to make it more "elegant" way to do what I suggested, than you could lock the zoom first, load the first layout in the second window with the exact same dimensions, and sans zoom controls, then close the background window. This would (at least) not have the first window be a blank flash of window.


              Or you could create a loading screen and a .5 second pause in your script for the first window (and give yourself some credit in the process).


              No idea if, but theoretically it might be possible with a plug-in installed to override the default first window style.

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                My 'OnFirstWindowOpen' script starts with these two script steps:


                New Window [Name: "Welcome"; Style: Document]

                Close Window [Name: Get ( FileName ); Current file]


                Of course the first step has the right options set.


                I'm not seeing any flashing, no matter how hard I try to. Maybe it's my SSD-configuration...

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                  Thanks for all the replies. Creating a new window and then hiding the original was what I've been doing. I think the flashing is being caused by me hiding the Toolbars as well. There's just a momentary flash of the original toolbars before they disappear.