Colour Rendering in FM13

Discussion created by DavidZakary on Jan 2, 2014
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Putting together a new UI and using RGB colour space for setting the colours. I have a series of swatches in Photoshop, which I sample to grab the RGB values for.


I set the various bit in FM13 to the same values. Then, when comparing the two side by side they look different. That's nothing new.


But, if I do a screen cap from FileMaker and pull that image into Photoshop the RGB values in the screen cap are nowhere near what the original was and different from what I actually set them to in FileMaker.


I know that trying to accurately match Pantone colours is crap shoot but I'd have thought that RGB might be a little closer.


I'll probably end up trying to adjust it manually but has anyone come up with a rule of thumb or guidance when moving stuff from Photoshop (or others) into FileMaker? These are simple colour blocks, not worthy of importing external graphics for.




Dave Zakary