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    Filemaker 13 and Outlook 2013 - Any Windows Users out there.


      I have an ongoing problem with Filemaker 13 and Microsoft Outlook 2013.


      When I try to use the Send Mail (Send via email client) command both Filemaker and Office freeze with the following messageFM 13 Error outlook.jpg


      I can replicate this on my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 8 Laptop, which both run Office 2013.


      On another laptop running Windows 7 and Office 2010 the Send Mail (Send via email client) command works perfectly.


      So the problem seems to be between Filemaker 13 and Outlook 2013.


      I think there may not be too many Windows Users in FileMaker Developer land. If there is anyone running one of the offending combinations, could they test for me please. Sending an email from the Contacts Template file replicates the problem for me. I have to try to work out if it is an isolated problem or a bug.


      I cannot contemplate rolling out FM13 to my Clients until I can get a solution to this.


      In the meantime it is back to FM 12 to sent out the December accounts.

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          Hi Jim,

          I think there are very few Windows users on the Technet.  I have a client who upgraded to Outlook 2013 and all of a sudden none of my Send Mail scripts worked.  There was no error message (maybe becuase the script had "Set Error Capture (On)").  I ran this buy people on this site and got some suggestions to check the default email settings.  That never happened because they didn't know how to do that and they are some distance from where I live.  It was not a big deal since the attachments they were emailing were sent to their desktop and they could manually email the attahments.  Several months later, the computer running the application crashed and they had to get a new computer.  When Outlook 2013 was installed on the new computer, all of a sudden everything started to work again.  So my conclusion is that if you upgraded from a working version of Outlook to the 2013 version, something didn't get set right.  You might try (not sure this will work) completely uninstalling Outlook 2013 (Office 2013 maybe) and cleaning the Registry and then reinstalling Office 2013 from scratch and see if that helps.




          Forgot to mention, they were running Windows 7 and Filemaker 12

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            Hi Mark




            Thanks for the reply. Your feedback is interesting and indicates there is some problem.  I am trying to determine if it is my configuration or a Filemaker bug.




            On my desktop the Office install is an upgrade. On my new laptop the Office install is a fresh one.




            The consequence here is more severe than the send mail not working, both Filemaker and Office freeze and need to be force quit.




            I can overcome the problem by launching the file in Filemaker 12 and everything works as intended. But this is not something I can expect Clients to do.  Better to  keep them on 12 until I can get this sorted.




            I will try doing a fresh install of office on the Windows 8 laptop and see what happens.




            Thanks again for the reply.




            Best Wishes




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              Hi Jim,


              Well, that is not a good situation.  I'm out of my legue at this point.  Both applications freeze is different than the problem I had here.  My guess (and I stress the word guess) is that Filemaker 13 is using the same IRQ or Port number as Outlook 2013 and when Outlook tries to send the message, it sees that the port/IRQ that it uses is in use by Filemaker and thus both freeze.  I don't have any idea how to change program port/IRQ numbers, but maybe someone else might have some ideas here.  Sorry.




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                I have same issue here -- I can't move staff to FM13 until I get the email issue figured out / resolved.


                I beileve the issue is targeted  to FM13 as a 32-bit app, making a call to 64bit Outlook (I'm running Office Pro Plus 2010 64-bit on Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit install )


                one workaround was to install a 32-bit email client -- and set it as the windows default MAPI manager, but this IS NOT a solution for our staff, I won't compromise on the Outlook / Exchange configuration.

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                  It is that the 64-bit Outlook can't process an email sent from a 32-bit program like FileMaker 13.


                  If you install the 32-bit Office it will work again or wait until FileMaker has a 64-bit client.


                  Microsoft still recommends using the 32-bit Office for this reason (link). 64-bit Office currently has minimal advantages mainly the ability to handle processing larger data sets in Excel and Project.