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Cores and effect on Virtualized FMS Perfomance

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Jan 4, 2014
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I am trying to educate myself on virtualization basics (WMWare , Parellels Virtuozzo, etc.).


With 2 4-core/8GB machines seeming be a typical mid-level FMS13 + WP hosting environment I have a concern.


How will virtualization environments perform handling several VMs this size? My reading suggests that a typical industry VM is much less powerful. (Or I am I just misinformed here?)


How do these tools perform with several VM's (e.g., a c16 Core 32GB box with multiple 4-core 8-GB VM's) that each have much more virtual power in relation the machine's physical total? Are their advertized efficiency advantages still delivered in this situation



I would be inetrested to hear about folks' expereince here.