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FMS11 Shows Incorrect Internet Explorer Version, Blocks WebDirect in FMS13

Question asked by jdbranum on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by jdbranum

First of all, I think that my company's installation of Internet Explorer on our Windows computers (Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server R2) is fundamentally at fault for this problem. In preparing to move an FM11 Instant Web Publishing solution to FM13 WebDirect, I noticed that the version of browser being reported by FMSA11 for Internet Explorer users is IE 7, even when I or other users connect with various different computers running IE 9 or IE10. When I try to connect to my new FMS13 WebDirect menu, with intent of checking out the Sample file, FMS13 reports that my browser is too old or unsupported. Chrome or Firefox on same computers works fine, as does Safari 6. I suspect that FMS13 is "seeing" the same version as FMS11 is seeing (IE 7) and blocking access to WebDirect.


Is anyone else experienced this issue? Solutions?


An addition test that I did on one of my Windows 7 computers with IE 9 installed was to create a FMP11 database with a web viewer to use as a browser. When logging in to both the FMS11 IWP solution and FMS13 WebDirect Sample solution, FMS13 reported the client to be IE 9. I will next try this with a FMP13 file and see what happens.


Thanks in advance,


Jim Branum

Internal Developer

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California