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    FMS11 Shows Incorrect Internet Explorer Version, Blocks WebDirect in FMS13


      First of all, I think that my company's installation of Internet Explorer on our Windows computers (Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server R2) is fundamentally at fault for this problem. In preparing to move an FM11 Instant Web Publishing solution to FM13 WebDirect, I noticed that the version of browser being reported by FMSA11 for Internet Explorer users is IE 7, even when I or other users connect with various different computers running IE 9 or IE10. When I try to connect to my new FMS13 WebDirect menu, with intent of checking out the Sample file, FMS13 reports that my browser is too old or unsupported. Chrome or Firefox on same computers works fine, as does Safari 6. I suspect that FMS13 is "seeing" the same version as FMS11 is seeing (IE 7) and blocking access to WebDirect.


      Is anyone else experienced this issue? Solutions?


      An addition test that I did on one of my Windows 7 computers with IE 9 installed was to create a FMP11 database with a web viewer to use as a browser. When logging in to both the FMS11 IWP solution and FMS13 WebDirect Sample solution, FMS13 reported the client to be IE 9. I will next try this with a FMP13 file and see what happens.


      Thanks in advance,


      Jim Branum

      Internal Developer

      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California

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          Not sure if this is your issue, but I have seen that Internet Explorer utilizes what they call compatibility view, which changes the way it reports itself to websites to solve some version issues. It can be accessed through your setting menu, and often as an icon in the address bar that looks like a broken piece of paper. Try seeing if compatibility view needs toggled. I've seen it have an effect for me in the past.





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            Thanks for the information on compatibility mode.  I am not seeing this symbol when attaching to the IWP examples in FMS11 and FMS12. 


            One further piece of information I have collected is that FMS12 IWP correctly reports IE 9, but opening a new tab and connecting to the FMS 11 IWP example shows IE 7.  FMS13 WebDirect does not even load the WebDirect Menu, but just puts up the error message about the web browser being too old or not supported.  I will also need to solve the Certificate Error I keep getting, even when placing the server in trusted sites, which may be related somehow...



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              UPDATE - After creating a simple HTML page to display the AppName, AppVersion, and UserAgent strings and placing them on my various FMS servers web root folders, I confirmed that the problem I am having is due to a forced compatibility mode setting of my company's IE 9 standard installation.  Thanks for putting me on to this, Ryan! 


              All of the standard Windows 7 desktops running IE 9 reported as IE 7 and DID NOT display the compatibility mode toggle icon (broken piece of paper) in the URL line.  I finally found that one of my test machines had a version of IE 9 without the locked-down compatibility mode, and the icon appeared in the URL line as expected.  Toggling compatibility mode changed the reporting from IE 9 to IE 7 and back, just as I suspected.  BTW, the Internet Options panel on the locked-down systems also displays a warning that "some settings are controlled by your administrator".


              Now, the bigger challenge will be to ge the company IT folks to remove the forced compatibility mode setting and make the standard setting in non-compatibility mode.


              Maybe FMI can change how WebDirect reads the UserAgent string returned by the web browser, and that would help for sure.  "Trident/6.0" is one such component associated with IE 9 as well, as some other threads have suggested.  The one FMI is apparently using is the MSIE component, which is the primary one that changes when toggling compatiblility mode.


              Jim Branum

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                Have you found a way to make WebDirect run with IE on the intranet, wihtout removing the forced compatibility mode ?

                I'm facing with the same issue and I cannot ask everybody in the company to unckeck this option (that is by default in IE).




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                  No, I have not found a way to make IE run with WebDirect with Compatibility View turned on.  I submitted a support request with FileMaker engineering to see if WebDirect could be made to simply ignore the version string returned from IE that says it is IE 7, and was told that IE itself actually changes its own behavior when Compatibility View is turned on so that it would still not work with WebDirect. 


                  I have a (now) old support request with our company IT support group to try and get the default settings of IE changed to turn off Compatibility View; however, they are still too busy handling the obsolescence of Windows XP and the roll out of a new version of the company's networked equipment management tools.  Having the company change the default settings of IE, or making a WebDirect-compatible browser the company standard or at least a supported alternate, are your only apparent choices at the moment.  At my company, IE is not the preferred browser for Windows, but it mostly works, and most Windows users just use it anyway AND ignore my website warnings to turn Compatibility View off.  Firefox is preferred; however, Firefox is not officially supported by WebDirect either, so even though it appears to work for all of the cases that I have tested, and is not immediately rejected by WebDirect, I'm told that Firefox still has shortcomings that can/will cause problems.


                  Jim Branum