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Audio from 2013 FileMaker Product Developer Conference Available

Discussion created by Molly Connolly on Jan 3, 2014

2013 FileMaker Product Conference

Audio Recordings Available for Sale


Please visit to download the audio from over a dozen high-level discussions on business and technical topics. The conference attendees were primarily business owners focused on selling their products to vertical markets. At the same time, the topics covered hit a wide range of topics applicable to any FileMaker developer.


The recordings are high quality and most of the sessions are discussion oriented as opposed to presentation. Some of the audio are accompanied by slides but most sessions did not have a great deal of on screen presentation.


Topics include:



  • Product and Service Pricing, Kirk Bowman
  • Discussion of resource issues (hiring, outsourcing, and sub-contracting), Molly Connolly
  • Building a Learning Culture, Allen Imbarrato & Jason Mundok
  • Best Practices for User Support & Training, Cris Ippolite
  • Mobile & SaaS Opportunities, Panel Discussion
  • Managing Customization Projects, Jason Mundok
  • Boost Your Product Sales, Panel Discussion



  • Architecture Design, Ernest Koe
  • Using a Framework for Development, Jason Sanders
  • Real World Development Practices, Danny Mack
  • Best Practices for Upgrades & Updates, Doug Rawson
  • Mobile Application Development & Prototyping, Josh Smith
  • Writing Code that Others will understand, Jerry Robin
  • Deployment Techniques, Scott Karch