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    Sub Total in Receipts




      I have a POS system that needs to print out Receipts for items purchased.


      Sometimes, customer will purchase more items that one receipt can print (receipt size set to 150mm). Therefore 2 or more receipts will be printed


      I can get a sub summary showing the grand total at the end of the 3rd receipts (if receipts are 3 page long), but I am not able to show the sub total for that receipt only (ie page 1 sub total on receipt 1, page 2 sub total on receipt 2, etc...)


      How can I do this?


      Thank you!

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          a trailing grand summary will print on the final page...



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            If the report combines three receipts and you want a subtotal at the end of each receipt, create a Subsummary section when sorted by receipt number.


            If you want a total for the page,  add a footer and put the summary field in the footer.  It should show the sum for the page.... I think,  have to test this.



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              Haven't tried this, but if you know the number of items that will fit on a page, you could create a calculated field in the details (example assumes lines per page = 15) :


              pageno = truncate ( get ( recordnumber ) / 15 )


              The create a summary field to total line item value when sorted by pageno and restart for each group