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Multiple input options, and multiple links between tables

Question asked by pi-comm on Jan 6, 2014
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I use FMP for engineers to go into factories and check pieces of equipment.


My tables are as follows: Products, Customers, Assets, Test results (relationships attached below)


The Asset table is made up from a combination of Products and Customers. The Test results are entered by the engineers by using an asset number, that populates all of the product and customer info into the Test Results table, so they can simply put the results of the tests.


This works fine. However, when an engineer gets a new Asset, I want them to be able to put in a new Asset number on the test results, which will create a new Asset, but I want them to choose a make and model and have them fields automatically populated from the products table.


Whenever an engineer puts in a new asset number, they choose the make and model from a drop down list, but this then creates a new product, duplicating the one that is already there. When I ask for the Product::Model field to be a unique value, it will then not let the engineers pick an existing value, as it says it is not unique.


My question is: How do I stop the product table creating duplicate products each time a new asset is created? (to clarify, I only want the engineers to access the test results table, I do not want them manually creating new products).


Thank you for any help!