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    Navigational Menu bar


      Hi all,


      I am new to Filemaker and have just started building a small database for my business. I am using FM Pro 12.


      I would like to include a menu bar in the header of the screen where users can navigate between layouts. I started to add buttons but I would have to duplicate this work for each layout whilst at the same time ensuring positioning was exactly the same for a fluid user experience.


      Is it possible to create a layout template which would include the menu bar that can be used each time so that I don't have to add and position buttons to each individual layout?


      Many thanks for your help.



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          Just create a layout with all the common elements you want, then duplicate it as needed as the starting point for your new layouts, renaming them as needed. You will then have to manually add, position and size fields etc.

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            Thank you keywords, I'll get to it.



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              Unfortunately, there is not a place to create one navigation list and have it permeate throughout the solution.  As keywords suggests, you'll need to make one and copy it to all other layouts.  Unfortunately, if you add or delete a layout to the navigation bar, you'll need to change all the layouts.


              There are some other techniques.  However, it can be a bit involved and it might be best to use the copy/paste method until you're more familiar with FMP.


              One thing to keep in mind for navigation is that it is helpful to indicate what layout you are on.  This is often done in the navigation bar itself, so if you layouts such as Customer, Invoice, Product and you want to show the user you are on the Customer layout, you might change it CUSTOMER.  You can use conditional formatting to make these changes.


              In my naming convention, I like to keep the detail layout the same as the table occurrence (T.O), so my T.O.s for the above would be Customer, Invoice, and Product.  That makes the conditional formatting calculation very easy.


              Hope that helps.

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                One strategy that can make this a little easier is to use a pull-down menu. That way, when you want to add a new destination, all you have to change is the contents of the pull-down and the associated scripting; no making changes to all the layouts involved.