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    How to add cover page(s)


      Years ago in another version of FMP I was able to generate db documents with custom cover pages, with the recipient's name, logo, etc on it, followed by pages of data.


      Now, in FMP12, I can't find that feature or technique.


      Need to product a catalog with a more or less static cover (maybe some merge text), page #s starting on second page, etc.


      Possibly also a static page with Terms & Conditions, contact info, ordering form, etc.


      What is this feature called? or what technique is used?


      Finally, is this a 'report' or a 'layout'?


      Many Thanks, dave

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          Dave -


          This sounds like it would be a layout that you would print first before your actual report.  If you scripted the printing process it would look like one print job instead of two separate ones.


          Steve Romig

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            You could also do scripted PDFs from multiple layouts with the "Append to existing PDF" option checked to build your catalog. You would have one (or more) layout for the static pages at the beginning, then another report layout for the other pages. It can seem complex, but you just have to take your time scripting and test as you go.




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              Thanks for giving this some thought and pointing me in a new direction on the subject!


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                Hi Shawn; maybe this is the way I did it back then. I don't think I have the originals anymore, nearby anyway. It was a project for a client I don't have any more so I think I offloaded all the files to a disk in the closet or something. Looking at that file might help me remember. I'll look at these options and eventually post the solution here. Thanks!


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                  Let me add that if you create a Title Header part that's as large as one page per your Page Setup, it effectively becomes a ‘Title Page’. (Make it as large as can possibly be required and use sliding to generate reports with more than one cover page.) Then you can print the entire report in one go.


                  btw., the correct name would be “report layout”, not least because every FileMaker database window *is* a layout …

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                    Hi erolst;

                    I finally got back to this topic and reviewed your answer, which was right on.


                    The only glitchy things are that my regular footer appeared on the title page, so I added a blank title footer and thus the 'cover page' has only the contents of the A4-tall title header. Also, that the text box for the catalog title, which I stretched the width of the page and centered the text within, appeared off-center right in the preview for no apparent reason.


                    Oh well, at least I have the 'cover page' I needed, now, thanks to your tip!


                    I'm posting a couple of other catalog related questions today as well as I need to finally finish this project this weekend.



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                      Hi Shawn; Thanks again, I'm working on the catalog again. erolst's answer above was what I needed, but your reply is also helpful for another problem.

                      Possibly the way I set up the database, I may need to do what you suggest.

                      In our inventory, every single item is a record, as the same item may come from different suppliers and times with different prices, so to do it any other way I couldn't figure it out. So we buy 50 widgets, there are 50 records.

                      Problem is, we want to print the catalog by product category, and each record can belong to multiple categories. To achieve this I set up "category 1", 2, and 3 as fields for each record. Probably not the right way to do it!

                      The layout is a header and a subsummary field and footer. Works great except I can only sort by one category at a time. So I may have to copy the layout and change the sort to category 2 and 3 and then combine the three pdfs.

                      I'll post again on that topic, just wanted you to know I appreciate the helpful advice!


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                        dnfmptn wrote:

                        So I may have to copy the layout and change the sort to category 2 and 3 and then combine the three pdfs.


                        Even though you (probably) can get this to work, creating (and maintaining!) several almost identical objects (tables, fields, layouts) is almost always a bad idea; see my reply in your separate post.

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                          Thanks erolst; It would be kludgy but if I run out of time before our trade show I may have to follow that route for now so potential customers have something to look at, and then improve it later this year... Thanks for the reply in the other discussion!