Time to put the "magic" holy cow on part-time?

Discussion created by NickLightbody on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Oliver_Reid

Per Olsen recently commented "FileMaker really needs to put a lot of effort into WebDirect to get it to move faster and reduce server loads. That COULD be done by giving the developer a choice to use submit (commit) buttons instead of having the WebDirect client chat continously with the server. I would GLADLY sacrifice that to gain speed. The users actually expect to have a submit button when using a browser." [ ]


Logically Per is correct - there is no clear need for FM WebDirect to do any updating at all until the user requests it - as he says users don't expect it and the performance price is currently quite high especially on a mobile device - hence this is currently not recommended.


However, there is a "holy cow" - a pretty elderly animal now - still resident grazing pastures at FMI in Santa Clara which means that FileMaker - unlike other databases - must "magically" update live whilst the user does nothing.


This has always reduced WAN performance and on a web deployment is seems unjustifiable.


FMI will probably point out that we should be careful what we wish for as this behaviour does make writing databases significantly easier.


My view is that we whilst the auto update should continue in the background we as developers should be able to suppress it - so that it only occurs when we and thus our users request it.


What do you think?


Cheers - Nick