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    Upgrade IWP to FM Server 13?


      I have (well, "had" as of now) a perfect working IWP solution on my FMSA 12.

      After upgrading my server to v13 I realize that they have pulled the support for IWP, to something called "WebDirect".


      What is the absolute simplest way to just convert the existing solution to the new Web Publishing engine? I don't use any fancy PHP, XML or other strange things. I just want my database to be available from a web reader. As before.


      Or am I misunderstanding something?



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          To answer my own question:

          In the URL, change "iwp/cgi?-db=" to "webd/#"


          Ie, if your IWP solution was reachable from:


          it should now be:



          To turn off the new menu, use "Show/Hide Menubar [Hide]" in the startup script.


          Here is Filemakers "summary":





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            I would like the link to login automatically as guest. Any ideas?

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              I recently migrated a guest login IWP solution from FM11 to FM13 WebDirect.  I use a separate file with no tables in it to contain the web interface (only).  In FM11, to avoid IWP presenting a login dialog at all, no privilege set except that which the guest uses can have the IWP extended privilege set enabled (I always use a separate privilege set for guests for this very reason).  When using a separate web interface file, also remember to do the same setup in the main file (dedicated guest privilege set with WebDirect extended privilege enabled attached to the guest account).


              Now, in WebDirect, I also have to set the file options for the web interface file (only!) to also login automatically as guest, even though only the guest's privilege set has the WebDirect extended privilege set enabled.  This means that when opening the interface file with FMP client, one must hold down the option key (Mac) or shift key (Windows) to bring up the actual login dialog - or - provide a hidden re-login script button to accomplish the same purpose.  Because the main file is opened "hidden" via the relationship from the web interface file, there is no need to use any auto-login in the main file's file options, and FMP users of the main file can log in normally.


              By the way, the main thing needed to be done in the conversion from IWP to WebDirect, other than hiding the menu, is to change the extended privileges from that for IWP to the new one for WebDirect.  I was also able to create a custom extended privilege named same as the new WebDirect extended privilege while still in FM11, and when I did, the FM13 conversion of the file, WebDirect worked right away.


              Jim Branum

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              Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California