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Relationship between two portals on same layout not working as expected!

Question asked by prtd on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by prtd

I have been battling with this problem for nearly a week and still don't understand why it doesn't work! Simply, I have three tables (a 'patients' table, 'treatment blocks' table, and 'sessions' table). The 'patients' table is related to the 'treatment blocks' table, and the 'treatment blocks table' is related to the 'sessions' table (so the number of times a patient is seen as part of a specific treatment). See table configuration below (the 'sessions' table in this instance is call 'MYMOP Records'. I then have a simple 'patient details' layout which as well as showing a patient's details (name, address and so forth) includes two portal tabs - one to the 'treatment block' data for the patient in question, the second to the 'session data' for a particular treatment block the patient is receiving.


The 'treatment block' portal, as expected, lists the treatment blocks relevant to the patient selected. So this might be treatment for a bad back, say in 2012, treatment for a skin problem at another time in 2013 - so far so good? Selecting the whole of a particular row of the 'treatment block' portal, I would have expected would bring up the relevant sessions related to the selected treatment block (say for when the patient was being treated for a bad back), when veiwed via the 'session data' portal. Not so! Despite, the treatment block and session data being related (and the records being confirmed as so through 'Data Viewer'), all the sessions for the patient are listed in the 'session' portal and not just those related to the treatment block selected. Maybe using the portals in this way is not supported? It's as if the first relationship is honoured by not the second. Any guidance on how I can get it working properly would be much appreciated! - Peter Davies.