A find based on multpile words in a field

Discussion created by bobrace on Jan 6, 2014
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I am trying to do a find on a field that has multple words in it.  Example:


Field is Payee


Data in in this field could be "Nicor payment 100000011" (or a variation of that) and another record could contain "DEPT education ACH transaction" (or a variation of that) in the "Payee" field.


How do I perform a find that would return both of these records? So, another words... is there a way to specify multiple search criteria by going into find mode and in the Payee field, find all records that contain the words "Nicor payment 100000011" or "Nicor GAS Energy Direct Payment 12345698", but also find records that contain "DEPT education ACH transaction" or "department of education 234532".